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My Indian Movie List

Indian Movies on a roll

I’m starting this page to keep track of the Indian movies I watch.

I could say I started watching Indian cinema in 2009 when Slumdog Millionarie was very popular in Romania after winning the Oscars. But that time it didn’t feel like I am watching an Indian movie, but just an Academy Awards winner, a good movie that was critically acclaimed.

My real journey into Indian cinema began in 2011 when I went to India for the first time.

As an European, it takes time for Indian cinema to rub off on you. I used to watch some of the plots, events and characters and and think “Is that even possible? Who believes that such a series of events could happen like that?”.

But then I understood that Indian movies are not about an accurate unfolding of sequences that match reality in all its glory. Indian cinema goes beyond reality, to turn the world on its head and unapologetically show you what they want.

With regards to the movies I will be posting here, they will appear in a random fashion, and as soon as i get through what I have seen so far, they will be the latest I’ve watched.

Thanks for being here, Enjoy!

PS. I have started this from the desire to have more people to talk to about Indian cinema, as I watch a lot of Indian movies and have next to no one to chat about them to.

Jab We Met

Context: I saw this movie in Pune in 2011 in my friends Pruva and Prachi’s house.

I already knew about Shahid Kapoor so it was easy for me to like the movie without much resistance.


  • some scenes are shot in Himalayas and make a really beautiful setting
  • Kareena Kapoor is quite charming in the role without too much effort.
  • the music is also soft and sweet


  • can’t remember but if you like romantic comedies and indian movies, you may like this!

Who are you creating with?

After being an illustrator for over 10 years now I can clearly see that my artwork is not a creation that comes from me, in and of itself. 

Whenever I sit in front of a blank canvas, wether that is on my tablet or at my sketchpad, there are always forces around me that conspire and compete for my attention.

Who will succeed in having a voice on that canvas? 

This aspect of creation has been quite daunting for me. I was never sure of who am I a voice for.

What has helped at times is to set a clear intention before starting and then to ask all other energies that don’t match that to leave my space.

Other times I just get a whisper, like an invitation to play, a fun energy and I immediately sit at my desk and start to draw. 

Without a doubt, the most spontaneous creations are the most fun. The ones that take longer time are the most rewarding though, it’s as if I’ve been on a journey for weeks, before the artwork is completed.

What I realize now is, the question is simple:

 What voice can you be a channel for that will inspire you the most?