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Who are you creating with?

After being an illustrator for over 10 years now I can clearly see that my artwork is not a creation that comes from me, in and of itself. 

Whenever I sit in front of a blank canvas, wether that is on my tablet or at my sketchpad, there are always forces around me that conspire and compete for my attention.

Who will succeed in having a voice on that canvas? 

This aspect of creation has been quite daunting for me. I was never sure of who am I a voice for.

What has helped at times is to set a clear intention before starting and then to ask all other energies that don’t match that to leave my space.

Other times I just get a whisper, like an invitation to play, a fun energy and I immediately sit at my desk and start to draw. 

Without a doubt, the most spontaneous creations are the most fun. The ones that take longer time are the most rewarding though, it’s as if I’ve been on a journey for weeks, before the artwork is completed.

What I realize now is, the question is simple:

 What voice can you be a channel for that will inspire you the most?