Recommended Resources

Here are some of the resources from Access Consciousness® and Talk to the Entities® 

English: TTTE e-book

The Talk to the Entities book by Shannon O’Hara – Discover a different perspective into the world of ghosts!

The Beings of Light book by Shannon O’Hara – What are the beings of light? Are they accessible to everyone? Dive deep into a world of receiving..

English: Space Clearing for Houses Clearing loop
English: Demon Clearing Loop

Space clearing for houses, buildings and land – This audio will clear any energy that is haunting or creating disruption in any house, building, structure, even property or land. 

Demon Clearing loop – This clearing loop can prove to be a very useful tool in removing the voices of judgement in your head, the ways in which you judge your body and the feeling of being wrong all the time.

Reverse Jesus: How to stop Sacrificing Yourself for Others

If you could not save but only empower, would that be enough?
Learn how to reverse Jesus into a happy world where you do not have to hurt for others.

Welcome to the Vagina Class, for ladies only. 

A place and space to access the intelligence of your body and its deepest capacities. Unlock and clear the blocks, insanities, misunderstanding and unconsciousness that keeps you from having all that your body can be.