The Access Bars Class

One day to open up to receiving more of you!

What happens in an Access Bars class?

You learn a dynamic therapy that you can benefit from for the rest of your life and get certified internationally.

Children can come to the class for free up to the age of 15. They also get certified and receive a manual created especially for them!

Apart form the manual and head charts you will receive amazing tools that empower you to create the life you know is possible!

How come it takes only one day?

Access is meant to empower you in discovering tools and then trying them out for yourself. In this way, the Bars is a simple technique that once learnt in class, you cannot go wrong with it! 

Each person is unique so for each of you energy can be sensed in different ways. It’s up to you to give sessions and exchange with whomever you like, until you get more aware of what that energy is and how it works for you.